At CBT we are aware of the significance of always being up to date with technology. The use of new technologies in the different areas of day to day life favours the improvement of the user experience and information management providing access to it from any point and at any time. This is why we offer our services that aim to provide added value within the field of communications using new technologies.

Content management and interactivity

At CBT, we design, develop and implement technological ideas and solutions in areas such as tourism, culture and general information for citizens creating interactive spaces and dynamic environments in which information flows dynamically by means of mobile or touchscreen devices. Thus we substantially improve the user experience through interaction with their surroundings and the experience of our clients as we provide a content manager to suit their needs.

Technological consultancy and product development

We work in the field of technological consultancy; we design and create innovative products and offer custom technological development services to provide solutions for the communication and management needs of your company or organisation.

At CBT we execute comprehensive projects, from the identification of your needs, the design and development of the product or service, the technological implementation of the solution and the promotion of the content via the necessary media or channels