At CBT we seek excellent quality in our internal processes and in our work and relationships with our clients. This is why we work constantly to incorporate and improve our quality systems in our work and in our relations with people.

CBT has been certified under the standard UNE-ISO/IEC 20000-1:2007 Information technology. Service management, specifically for our integral web content management services, which enables us to achieve excellence in:


  • The quality of our IT services.
  • Processes for providing our services.
  • Processes related to our clients.
  • Processes for resolving incidents.
  • Control processes for our work.
  • Delivery processes for our work.


And in general in all the processes involved in each of the jobs completed with our clients.

In addition, CBT is certified by the Ministry of the Treasury and the Basque Government as a services supplier, in the Official Register of Classified Companies with the classifications that are specified below:

  • Group L5: Organisation and promotion of conferences, fairs and exhibitions.
  • Group T1: Advertising services.
  • Group V2: Software development and maintenance services.

This entry of CBT in the aforementioned groups in the Official Register of Classified Companies, due to the volume and quality of the projects executed for each of these classifications, ascribes CBT integrity, professionalism, responsibility and solvency with regard to client relations.