Software M3



Scatter Diagram Management

At CBT we have developed our own platform for the integral management of processes of generation, display, revision and export of scatter diagrams.

It is the case of M3, a platform that allows the optimisation of measurement processes within the field of the industrial metrology. Integrating M3 in the measurement processes provides a solution to all project requirements, from 3D digitisation and management of the results to the integration of process automation tools that streamline measurement work.

M3 offers solutions in the automotive, railway, wind power and aeronautical sectors.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of the CBT team we have provided solutions for the project's needs using the analysis and development of different software that provides support to the whole working scope of the M3 platform.

You would find further information about the M3 Solution developed by CBT at the Innovalia Metrology Website.