Realidad Aumentada en vino

Realidad Aumentada y enoturismo

Mobile / Interactive


Augmented reality is a technology that allows content to be shown on the digital plate that complements the real plane. This can be shown in different ways, through multimedia content, 3D, text, images, etc. and on different devices.

For this project, CBT designed and developed an augmented reality app for the wine sector to offer multimedia content related to a wine or a brand via augmented reality and smartphones.

Thus, we can give a wine significant added value by expanding and improving its consumption experience and offering information on tasting notes, its preparation process and other information such as the history of the winery, etc.

Its display on smartphones means it is a very accessible technology for the majority of consumers. Thus in addition it positions the winery as an innovative brand that is committed to new technologies offering added value services in wines and wine-based tourism.