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Interactive Installations

CBT provides a full implementation and management service for artistic installations related to Art & Technology in cities and private entities. With 8 years experience as the organiser of Technarte – an Annual International Conference on Art & Technology – which is held in Bilbao each April, CBT is able to manage any Art & Technology-related project with both national and international artists.

OSEDAX is an interactive artwork that was installed at Ria de Bilbao Maritime Museum on the occasion of the 8th edition of Technarte, the 10th Anniversary of the Museum and the celebration of the Bilbao Art District. In April 2013, the visitors of the Museum were able to interact with this 12 metre long whale skeleton inhabited by virtual creatures.  The art work, formed by an airborne sculpture and a mapping and movement detection system, generates real-time music based on the interaction of visitors with the virtual inhabitants of the whale.