Realidad aumentada en Paris des Chefs

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Paris des Chefs

Paris des Chefs is the event that unites cuisine and design held every year in Paris. The 4th Paris des Chefs took place in 2012 and was host to chefs, designers, actors, musicians, stylists, architects, photographers, etc. from countries such as Brazil, United States, Italy, Germany, Peru, Great Britain, France and Spain.

CBT participated this year in partnership with the chef Josean Alija of the Nerua Guggenheim Restaurant in Bilbao. From the design on paper of the different dishes that the chef prepared live, at CBT constructed the very same dishes in origami, establishing a sensitive relationship between skins and surfaces.

To bring added value to the presentation, we designed an augmented reality app through which information could be obtained in situ of one of the dishes prepared and its pairing.