Servicios de digitalización 3D


3D digitalization

At CBT we offer 3D scanning services for works of different scales. We scan objects of all types and dimensions, from the smallest size to façades or even complete buildings to obtain 3D models. We have the most advanced systems in 3D digitization through non-contact optical sensors, achieving a speed and a maximum resolution of each scan.

Because of the precision and quality of our scanning systems, our services are oriented to conservation and restoration of art and archeology works, to architecture design, prototyping and 3D printing, film and animation, and industrial design among other areas. We will provide you the point cloud of the scanned object with which you can make all your 3D processes in your usual working software.

Our portable systems of scanning allow us to move wherever you need to do the works. If you would prefer to send us the object, we will scan it in our facilities and we will return it to you together with the 3D model.